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Counted Cross Stitch Charts

by Eliza Wright

Cross stitch design

Skye Heath Sampler

This sampler was designed using as inspiration some of the plants, insects and colours found on the heath near my home. Heathers, Heath Spotted Orchids and Spagnum Moss are mingled with geometric patterns, four butterflies and a moth.

The design is approximately 25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 inches), when worked on fabric which has 16 stitches to the inch (2.5 cm). The fabric used in the picture is 16 count Zweigart Aida in antique white. Several of the borders are worked in back stitch, so there is quite a lot of that, and occasionally long stitch is used. Fractional cross stitches occur on the butterflies and orchids.

Cross stitch design

Skye Flowers Sampler

This sampler shows twelve flowers which grow in the wild on Skye. They are all based on plants I've observed, sketched and photographed. Most of them grow here in Elgol, by the road side or in the wild parts of our garden.

The design is approximately 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inches) including the space around the border, when worked on blockweave 18 blocks per 2.5cm (1") It could be worked on 16 or 14 count instead, but the stitches would not look so chunky and dense.

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