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When designing this series I decided to begin with Saint Maelrubha because in a way he started it all. He was closely associated with the area in which I live, and it was learning about him and his work, and the places he visited, that triggered my interest in Celtic Saints and Celtic Christianity in general. St Columba came next as perhaps the most well-known of the Celtic Saints working in Scotland.

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Saint Columba

Saint Columba or Columcille as he is known in Gaelic, was born in Ireland in 521. He established a monastery on the island of Iona, and the site is still an important religious centre. From there he travelled to the surrounding areas working both for Christianity and political stability, establishing a strong base from which monks such as St Maelrubha could carry on the work in later years. He seems to have very much enjoyed copying the scriptures, which was an important aspect of a monk's work in those days. He died in 597.

This design is 252x357 stitches, approx 37cm x 51cm (15 x 20 inches) when worked on blockweave 18 blocks per 2.5cm (1")

[Cross stitch design]

Saint Maelrubha

Saint Maelrubha was born in 642 in Ireland and died in Scotland in 722. He founded a monastery in Applecross on the west coast, and from there he and his monks spread Christianity to the surrounding Highlands and Islands. He was a frequent visitor to the Isle of Skye, and several locations bear his name.He would have travelled from Applecross in an open boat and is thought to have landed at Ashaig, which is one of the earliest known Christian sites on the island.

This design is 160x240 stitches, approx 25cm x 38cm (10 x 15 inches) when worked on blockweave 16 blocks per 2.5cm (1")

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